Tuesday, 9 June 2020

NAFFCO– Fire Safety Solutions

Fire is the most common hazard. We don’t even realize that this hazard is present in all areas of life. In a normal atmosphere, most combustible materials are stored in a basic atmosphere. For example, homes, offices, schools, residential apartments, restaurants and hotels, shopping malls, etc. are all vulnerable to fire. There can be any time fire can strike – big or small, has devastating consequences.

Firefighting service has been provided for centuries, they used simple ways to extinguish fires. However, firefighters are trained in this modern time. They understand and can handle all sorts of firefighting equipment.

Fakhri Brothers deal in various firefighting equipment. NAFFCO is a name that has been ruling in the fire solutions industry for a long time. They have earned their name through dedication and maintain the quality of their products. When it comes to fire protection, NAFFCO takes pride in offering the latest and the most innovative equipment. 

Where there is smoke there is fire

The first sign of fire is smoke. It is very important to detect fire at the earliest stage. This would help to stay safe, and evacuation can be possible if this is done timely. A fire detection system is the most reliable way to avoid any severe catastrophe, property loss can be reduced if the fire detection system does early detection. But it is effective if it works timely. For the purpose, a fire alarm system is the best device. Efficient fire alarm systems are another smart production by NAFFCO.

These alarms usually transmit a signal to a staff, who monitors the system. Initially, the fire alarm system makes the people alert, who are around the fire-stricken area. For example, if it is a building, the occupants can evacuate fast and stay safe.

Hazards of flammable liquids

Pesticides, hazardous materials, corrosives and other such materials are highly inflammable. To meet the fire codes and regulations, these flammable liquids, are stored in a specially designed fire cabinet. NAFFCO has the solution for you to protect you from a potential fire – the fire cabinets from them are used to contain flammable fuels, chemicals and solvents, which tend to catch fire very easily.

More efficient system

One of the most effective and smart methods of controlling fire quickly is the sprinkler system which is also called fire pump. It is a common feature in many buildings because of their efficiency. The water is delivered through a sprinkler from the fire pump, its’s more intense and works with pressure, that is how the fire is extinguished much quicker.

Why choose NAFFCO

Our business and domestic customers rely on us because we outclass all the other fire protection systems or fire solutions. Fakhri Brothers make sure that the product that they are dealing with should be beyond par. The company has expanded its range according to the demand. The diverse products by NAFFCO have earned a great reputation in the fire protection systems in the UAE. The innovative ideas by our team have never disappointed our customers, hence, the reliability.

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Why Good Air Conditioning is Great for your Health

The warm weather is upon us and it’s that time of the year when we need to switch on the air conditioning. It’s also a time when we need to ensure the ACs are working in proper condition after months of not being in use and get them serviced if need be.

The great thing about using superior quality air conditioning is that not only does it provide you comfort but is also great for your health.

An AC reduces humidity in your home, but can also lower the amount of pollen, mold, mildew and other airborne outdoor allergens that can potentially lead to asthma symptoms. This is especially important since the outbreak of the coronavirus that requires us to stay home and maintain good hygienic conditions within our houses.

Air conditioners can also lower your exposure to indoor allergens, like dust mites. It is recommended that you routinely change the air filter in heaters and air conditioners to prevent asthma triggers.

Air conditioning filters are more effective in keeping bugs out than an open window which are open invitations for mosquitoes, flies and other annoying bugs. This is vital to protect you from diseases like dengue, malaria and skin allergies.

The cooler atmosphere generated by air conditioning helps us sleep more peacefully and we all know how important that is. Sleep deprivation leads to grogginess and low spirits during the day, emotional difficulties, poor job performance, obesity and a lowered perception of quality of life.

Good air conditioning can help you prevent sweating. When we sweat we are actually losing a large percentage of our water intake. It is important to keep hydrated especially during these quarantine days and the upcoming summer months.

And last, but certainly not the least, proper air conditioning reduces the risk of heat strokes. Research has proved that, “air conditioning is the number one protective factor against heat-related illness and death.”

For the best choice in air conditioning products throughout Pakistan and U.A.E, turn to the expert team at Fakhri Brothers, one of the leading importers and suppliers in the HVCAR field, based in Karachi since 1974. We value your health!

Friday, 17 April 2020

Creating Safe Pathways

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In these pressing times, and with the widespread of COVID-19, we have all become socially alert around other people. Our everyday routine has been restricted around our homes and whenever we do go out to buy essential things in this survival mode, we can't just step out without taking a mask, a sanitizer bottle, and a pair of gloves to avoid any contagious particle entering our system.

We all wish to get back to our routine. No sooner will we get back to our older routine, all the public places includings educational institutes, supermarkets, amusement parks will draw in hundreds of individuals daily. Do you wonder if we will continue to keep this sanitizing equipment at our disposal at all times?

The most sensible thing would be to carry it definitely, but what if a safety precaution aids us by sanitizing everyone outside these public forums?

Sanitizing tunnels are a way for the safety of masses to be sure that everyone entering the space is sanitized and would not pose a threat to others around him/her.

These tunnels are disinfecting passageways for human use, which spray the person passing inside with SHIELD me high-level disinfectant and sanitizer; killing 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, and spores in the process.

The SHIELD me sanitizer is super oxidized water Hypochlorous acid (HOCI), made completely from natural resources and is safe for adults as well as children alike. It does not bear any chemicals or any sort of toxic content that would harm anyone. The tunnels have different shapes and sizes depending on the requirement of the client.

Even during the pandemic, this product could ease everyone outside hospitals and grocery stores to avoid the spread of diseases.

Fakhri Brothers is working to provide its customers with the highest quality services in such serious times and is working for the well-being of its customers. Being one of the leading importers and stockists in the HVACR field, based in Karachi since 1974, we believe that the only possible way to safety is, by taking the precautionary measures to minimize health risks and answering all of the customer's query by its online presence.

We also import and stock reputed brands at our huge warehouses to complement the worldwide range of products. Even today, no matter how challenging the times, through our market-leading products and solutions, we are constantly striving to help people live more comfortable, healthy and productive lives.

Thursday, 12 March 2020

The Safety and Trust of NAFFCO Fire Extinguishers

True fire and life safety is achieved when the fire fighting equipment is reliable and shows its resilience and potency in time of an actual fire outbreak crisis. This is the reason why Fakhri Brothers only partners with the most renowned and trusted names in fire fighting manufacturing.

This is the prime reason why Fakhri Brothers partners with top-rated fire safety brands like NAFFCO-National Fire Fighting Manufacturing FZCO which is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with its World Headquarters at Dubai. Hailed as the largest fire fighting equipment manufacturing company in the Middle East, NAFFCO’s fire fighting equipment entails all type of fire extinguishers, fire cabinets, fire houses, pumps, mobile and advanced fire fighting systems and fire trucks.

The NAFFCO fire extinguishers created to meet every type of emergency is part of the fully certified range at Fakhri Brothers . The NAFFCO range of fire extinguishers includes CO2, Dry Powder, Water, Foam, Clean Agent and Wet Chemical fire extinguishers.

The NAFFCO range includes:

Dry powder fire extinguishers:

The NAFFCO dry powder extinguishers are BSI, LPCB and UL certified and suitable for use on petrol, oil, gas, electrical equipment and freely burning materials fires. 

CO2 fire extinguishers:

The NAFFCO CO2 fire extinguishers are CE, Global-Mark, UL, Kitemark, and Marine certified and are non-conductive. They can be used to fight Class B and C fires that that affect computers, office equipment and generators.

Foam fire extinguishers:

NAFFCO’s foam fire extinguishers are effortless to operate and tackle liquids, freely burning materials such as cloth, wood and furniture.

Water fire extinguishers:

The NAFFCO high performance water fire extinguishers are a cost effective option for general purpose use and can tackle Class A fires like paper, wood, cloth and furniture.

Clean agent fire extinguishers:

NAFFCO is the leading provider of environmentally friendly, LPCB, CE, and UL certified, Clean Agent fire extinguishers in the Middle East that can put out Class A, Class B and Class C fires. These are suitable for use on sensitive electronic equipment and are residue free.

Wet chemical fire extinguishers:

NAFFCO wet chemical fire extinguishers are essential for tackling cooking oil fires and fat fires. They react with the oil to create a cooling film on the surface which will extinguish the fire.

Fire safety experts strongly recommend placement of fire extinguishers in properties and vehicles. Fakhri Brothers not only provide and install fire extinguishers but also conduct a fire extinguisher inspection to ensure that the fire extinguishers perform robustly in an emergency.

Monday, 24 February 2020

Prevention is Better than Cure-Think About the Fire Before its Starts

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Today all public buildings, including offices, schools, and malls are built in a manner to offer an acceptable level of fire safety and minimize the consequential risks. This is a much-needed step in the right direction because in case of a fire the primary objective is to reduce the potential for death or injury.

Add to this the intention that even in case of a fire, the premises can continue to function after the fire and life may get back to normal as soon as possible after repairs. This is vital to protect proximal properties which may also catch fire and curb environmental pollution.

Here are a few things architects and builders need to keep in mind when designing premises which can offer maximum measures of fire safety:

Yes, the adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ is popular for the right reasons and applies to fire safety in the best possible context.

Proper Design:

To reduce the risk of ignition, builders and designers can design out ignition sources. Services and installations should be correctly designed, specified, constructed, checked and commissioned. Checking and replacement cycles should be in place so that correct operation can be maintained.
There is also a risk on fires caused by natural phenomena like earthquakes or lightening. Tall structures that are prone to such damage should possess a lightning-conductor system to dissipate the electrical shock directly to the ground.
For fires caused by human carelessness initiated by cigarettes, candles, matches, cooking and other appliances, having smoke detectors is the smartest possible solution.

Fuel limitations:
Limiting the amount of fuel available in a building will help to control the amount of material that will burn and release heat to feed the growth of a fire. It will also reduce the amount of smoke that can be produced.

Having a sound and speedy communication system will help communicate the location of the fire to (other) occupants and convey the emergency to a fire control team. This can include alarms to be sounded, a controlled evacuation, triggering of smoke control systems or sprinklers.

Escape plan:
In case of the fire, the rule of thumb is to get everyone out to safety first and then stay out. Buildings must be designed so that occupants can escape safely if a fire breaks out. Architects must design buildings with accessible escape routes. Special consideration is to be given to people with mobility problems who may need assistance.


Containing the fire after evacuation has taken place can be achieved by passive and active fire containment measures.
Passive measures concern the nature of the building structure, subdivision, and envelope. Active measures are those which have to be activated either automatically or manually. This includes sprinklers, fire hydrants, extinguishers, and smoke detectors. In the event of a fire, they will be activated by some agent or form of communication.

To make buildings safe from the risk of fire outbreaks the reliable name architects and designer partner with is Fakhri Brothers who specialize in fire fighting equipment. Fakhri Brothers are authorized dealers of NAFFCO fire fighting products an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with its World Headquarters in Dubai. From fire extinguishers, fire cabinet, firehouses, pumps, mobile and advanced fire fighting systems and fire trucks, the Company has diversified its product range to Passive Fire Protection and Automation and control division for all types of security and fire alarm system.

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