Monday, 19 June 2017

Insight on HVAC systems

HVAC, short for: heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, is an indoor environmental comfort management system. It is used by private houses, apartment buildings, commercial buildings and other places such as shopping malls and hospitals to control ventilation, humidity and air temperature inside.

HVAC systems use external air to maintain a flow of fresh air inside the building. This eliminates bacteria, moisture, dirt, carbon dioxide and other odors and gases from the atmosphere while making sure that heating in winters and cooling and humidity control in summers keep the environment pleasant and comfortable.

Fakhri Brothers has been operating since 1973 and has been providing its clients with all its HVAC solutions in one place. We consider customer satisfaction our top priority which is why we provide the highest quality services and systems only. While our list of customer is increasing, we pride ourselves on the fact that each and every one of them is satisfied with us.

We have a list of well known clients and numerous successful projects and awards. We are authorized dealer of some of the biggest HVAC production companies in the world like Fischer, Duro Dyne, Sinro etc.

To check the full lists of our clientele and various projects, visit our website:

Thursday, 8 June 2017

HVACs for Karachi's intense heat

These days Karachi is hit with fierce summers, the heat is unbearable along with the unrelenting humidity. Summers are making people furious and dull. Although the city is cornered at one side with the sea but the hot weather shows no limits. Air conditioners are no longer a luxury in the city but a necessity.

HVACs keep the place comfortable and create a cool working environment. Fakhri Brothers are the leading importers and stockiest in HVACR field in Pakistan and UAE. They have been supplying HVAC to industries, offices, commercial places and even homes. Karachi is one place where people cannot carry on their normal routines and lives without Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning systems.

HVAC installers in Karachi
There are a number of HVAC installers in Karachi, but Fakhri Brothers is the leading name in the industry. It deals with all renowned brands including Econosto, KIMMCO, Foster and others. To find the best, reliable and long lasting units contact Fakhri Brothers. The company deals with HVAC units all over Pakistan and have participated in various major events all over the country wining a number of medals and trophies.

HVAC's authorized dealers
Fakhri Brothers are the authorized dealers of HVACs and ACR units. Their huge warehouses have stocked vast range of high class quality products. Fakhri Brothers are the authorized dealers of 24 renowned global companies. Their HVAC products meet high standards; the complete range of products can be viewed at

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Fire security system

A fire can destroy everything, don’t let your dreams blow away in smoke but make necessary arrangements for such mishaps, stay prepared to fight the fire. Fakhri brothers provides ultimate firefighting solutions to secure the place, precious lives and all valuable assets. It deals with Naffco, a global renowned name in the industry which provides ELV, Fire fighting, Pumps, shields and many other solutions for emergency situation.

Fire security system for different places

Fakhri Brothers has been dealing in UAE and Pakistan, high quality fire security solutions for tall buildings, commercial, educational and healthcare sites, houses, offices and other places are all available at Fakhri brothers. It installs, maintains and monitors the firefighting equipment by Naffco.

Fakhri Brothers has been dealing with huge names and has provided world class, state of art fire security systems. Different systems are designed in different ways to match requirements and needs of the place where installed. Fakhri Brothers further guides you in selecting, installing and using the systems.


The ELV’s by Naffco at Fakhri Brothers consist of complete menu of shields for fire protection, emergency lighting solutions, fire detection and evacuation systems, CCTVs and much more.


A huge range of all the firefighting equipment is available at Fakhri Brothers, completely secure, high quality, custom designed and completely reliable in case of emergency. It includes fire doors, extinguishers, sprinklers, fire suppressions and much much more.

Shield and pumps

The huge range of shields and pumps at Fakhri Brothers includes fire detection equipment’s, pipes, fittings, voice evacuation systems etc.


Fakhri Brothers even deals in vehicles used in times of fire mishaps including ambulances, mobile hospitals and other related vehicles.

For complete range of fire fighting products visit the website

Monday, 10 April 2017

Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes at Fakhri Brothers

The world without steel is impossible to imagine, from a woman’s kitchen to a huge industry, steel is a compulsory element everywhere. Different types of steel; mild, carbon or stainless steel are required for numerous applications at ample of places. Even carbon steel is considered as one of the most economical alloying materials in industrial productions, used widely in various sectors including chemicals, mining, automobiles, construction etc.

Lontrin Steel Pipe Co. is one of the well-known manufacturers of carbon steel seamless pipes. They are the leaders in the global industry and focus on quality and strength. Their steel pipes are specially manufactured with great strength appropriate for the use in power stations, oil gas transmissions, chemical industries and other places which are constantly dealing with extreme temperature levels. 

Fakhri Brothers are the authorized dealers of Lontrin in Pakistan. The company believes in continuous improvement to assure quality. The carbon steel seamless pipes at Fakhri Brothers have all passed the inspection test and have proved to be completely secure and reliable. These pipes contain varying amounts of carbon within it which define their strength as per the requirements of the industry.

Benefits of carbon steel pipes

Different sizes and shapes of carbon steel pipes by Lontrin are available at Fakhri Brothers which can fix in different settings to connect to pipes with differing dimensions. These pipes have a number of advantages.

Carbon steel pipes are durable and are customized; can work in aggressive working environments and in extremely high and low temperatures and have a long life, lowering the cost of production processes. Carbon steel pipes can be customized and molded to any size, dimension and strength depending on customer requirements. They are produced keeping in mind varying needs of the industry. Fakhri Brothers have a huge range available.

Lontrin steel pipes are quality tested and available at good prices. Contact Fakhri Brothers or visit, to know more about it. Trust Fakhri Brothers for the best plumbing products in the market and on time deliveries.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Econosto; Leaders in plumbing industry

Once a guy humorously said that for an optimist the glass is half full, for a pessimist the glass is half empty but for an Engineer, the glass is twice the size it needs to be. Engineering products are the creative and innovative applications manufactured using scientific principles. Econosto is a well-known name in the industry of manufacturing engineering products.

Econosto; a company from Holland, deals with valves, pipes, and fittings for various industries including shipbuilding, chemicals and petrochemicals, air conditioning, oil and gas and various other sectors. The complete product line of plumbing items by Econosto is available at Fakhri Brothers. They are the authorized dealers and stockiest of about 24 renowned companies from all over the world.

Fakhri Brothers have earned the reverential market reputation by continuous product improvements and innovations to fulfill the industrial needs. Their plumbing materials including valves, pipes, and fittings from various sectors are in demand for excellent safety and efficiency the product delivers.


A few details of Fakhri Brothers plumbing products by Econosto include;

Carbon steel seamless pipes

Econosto being the international market leader in the industry manufactures various carbon seamless pipes to be used in various applications. They are available in various sizes, dimensions, weights, length and other specifications to fulfill the demands and the needs of customers.
The malleable iron and butt weld pipe fittings by Econosto are building keeping technical specifications and industry standards in mind.

Valves and accessories

Econosto is the global manufacturers producing high-quality valves and accessories using best engineering capabilities and technologically advanced innovative methods. Their vast experience makes them stand prominent and different from the rest of the names.

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