Thursday, 15 September 2016

When does the system require a replacement?

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Staying in Karachi when it's hot most of the year while mild winters are just guest who visit for a few days, air Conditioning solutions have become a necessary requirement. Usually spring starts with rainfalls while cool breeze during the end of the year is the sign of winters. But whatever the outside temperatures are, we all need comfortable and safe indoors.

Air Conditioning solutions should be well maintained and if there is a time to replace them do it before you waste more bucks on it. It surely is a struggle to take decision but proper choice at right time is always wise. A new system is an asset and investment; it will actually save your pockets.

All heating and refrigeration solutions have a life beyond which no matter how much costly repairs you do there is no guarantee that in the next week another repair is not needed. Instead get a new one. Buy the best brands of Air Conditioning solutions or heating and refrigeration solutions from Fakhri Brothers, the Leading Insulation Provider in Pakistan and UAE. They deal with the globally accepted brands like KIMMCO and Econosto.

Whether its Air Conditioning solutions or heating and refrigeration solutions, they all are available with good warranties and lower down the energy bills. Latest technologies have been designed in most innovative ways keeping in mind needs of tomorrow hence latest units consume much less energy compared to older ones. It would enhance the comfort indoors and function much more smoothly.

Few common indicators that the air conditioning solution has died are;
  1. The system requires a repair too frequently may be within weeks but still it is not cooling the place
  2. The energy bills are soaring high
  3. Odd sounds are coming from the system and other such issues.
Wise decision would be to take a bold step and buy the new one. Contact Fakhri brothers!!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Cleaning indoor air

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In order to stay relaxed at home cleanliness is one of the vital factors. After a busy day whenyou return back home a nice and tidy room will soothe you up. Clean air is also equallyimportant; it is what you are breathing. It counts to a person's well being and health. Nomatter how much clean your home is but if the air is not clean the pollutants would beentering not letting the air smell fresh.

The quality of air conditioner is also responsible for the indoor air pollution. A good qualityunit would maintain clean air by removing pollutants. Fakhri Brothers are the completeheating and refrigeration solutions in Pakistan and UAE. They deal with world renownedbrands like KIMMCO and are the Leading Insulation Provider.

Day after day people themselves are creating air pollution. The indoor air pollution can bedue to many factors;

 everyday dusting, cleaning and moulds
 spraying air fresheners, aerosols or other sprays
 pollution from outside
 cigarette smoking
 pollen or pet dander
 and many others

It is necessary to choose a good air conditioning solution for your home. Today's houses aremuch more compact and don't let too much fresh air to pass through like those years backwhen houses were huge with lot of ventilation and space for fresh air. Therefore companieslike KIMMCO and others available at Fakhri Brothers have designed their units to let in
resh air and push out the bad one.

A clean indoor will not cause any harm to people suffering from asthma, allergies or anyother breathing problem. A simple indication of indoor pollution can be if your nose feelscongested although you are not sick or have no allergies. Air Conditioning solutions byFakhri Brothers will clean up your indoor air providing a fresher, cooler and cleanerenvironment.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Industrial plumbing requirements

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While manufacturing huge machineries, plants or other projects lots of cost are incurred which is essential and required including all direct and indirect cost. Direct cost comes from the cost of gravel, sand, cement and wages to form concrete, valves Pipes and Fitting, pipes cutting, prepping the ends then welding depending on the need, cost of insulation and lots of other testing.

A wise owner knows how to spend his money, quality control and standards play a vital role. The strength of any project will depend on the quality of its foundation, solid the foundation stronger the project. Fakhri Brothers deals in all kind of plumbing materials, they believe in quality products and only deal with well reputed brands known for quality, durability, reliability and strength.

Fakhri Brothers are the reliable dealers of heating and refrigeration solutions and air Conditioning solutions for both residential and commercial purposes. They have been supplying quality carbon steel seamless pipes, copper pipes and copper tubes to various clients for huge projects. They are a mature company which are consistent to change depending on the need.

Plumbing materials are required in all kinds of industries. Valves Pipes and Fittings are used in adjusting and installations from chemicals & petrochemicals to food, beverage and pharmaceuticals to the oil and gas industry, all need it. Fakhri Brothers is the best dealers of these products in the market with a huge collection of branded quality products from brands like ECONOSTO from Holland.

Plumbing materials from Fakhri Brothers have a long life and can be used for years and years. Carbon steel seamless pipes, Weld pipe fittings, Valves and accessories and malleable iron by ECONOSTO helps in everyday functioning of machines, gas filling stations, running of power plants and all other tasks. They are essential and useful in industry and are designed accordingly.

Pipes and fittings can be moulded and adjusted according to their need; they can be easily slipped in and out of the Valves and are flexible. To know more about various kinds of plumbing materials get in touch with Fakhri Brothers.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes

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Used in petrochemical and boiler industries, ship building, applied for nuclear devices and many other huge plants carbon steel seamless pipes are durable and able to bear huge strength and toughness. Being the most competitive product in the industry, Fakhri Brothers, a renowned name all over Pakistan and UAE have been providing best Seamless pipes and tubes to customers to meet their requirements.

Along with fire fighting, heating and refrigeration solutions and Air Conditioning solutions, Fakhri Brothers is also leading the market in the plumbing sector. They are specialized in offering various Valves, Pipes and Fitting, malleable Iron, copper pipes, copper tubes and much more.

Carbon steel seamless pipes are manufactured with solid round steel billets heated at huge temperatures and pulled over to make a hollow tube. The carbon steel in the tube gives it the extra strength and durability, making it able to withstand huge pressures of oil, gas, water, steam and heat.


Carbon steel seamless pipes are resistant enough to high pressure, shock and corrosions. They can carry huge loads on them without being damaged, thus places with huge crowds, heavy machineries and loads of vehicles can lay foundations with these pipes. They are even ideal for use on highways and other roads of Pakistan and UAE where the rate of traffic is definitely too high.

Reliability and safety

Carbon steel seamless pipes are molded into shapes and therefore do not need glues, pesticides or other chemicals to work safely, reliably and securely. Common issue with other types of pipes and tubing's is of rotting and pest, but carbon steel seamless pipes are free from it. They are used widely for homes, huge buildings, industries and all other huge commercial projects. They are even inflammable and resistant to earthquake, lightning and hurricanes.

Safe to environment

The carbon steel seamless pipes are cost effective and environmentally friendly. They cause no damage. Buy the best range of these pipes and other plumbing materials from Fakhri Brothers.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Best plumbing solutions

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Before buying any product we have to be confident that it performs as expected. Customers look for its quality and durability. Even standardization is important for valves, Pipes and Fitting to ensure that the equipment will run for longer period of time. Customers often question that let us know what we are getting. Standards are necessary for piping industry. 

When we carry out plumbing work at home we often look for copper pipes, copper tubes, valves Pipes and Fittings that are fit for our place. Lots of specifications have to be considered before purchasing them including size, design, marking, material, pressure temperature ratings etc.

Fakhri Brothers has a complete solution to all your plumbing needs. It provides all types of plumbing materials including valves Pipes and Fitting, carbon steel seamless pipes, copper pipes, copper tubes and much more. These products can last for years and can be easily fitted in all places.

What Specifications tells you

The carbon steel seamless pipes and copper pipes available at Fakhri Brothers are durable and able to withstand stress and huge tension. Choose specifications according to your needs. Changing fittings and joints is much more easy then changing the pipes. Fakhri brothers focuses on important specifications which its products would adhere to including
  •  Temperature
  •   Pressure
  •  Other standards. 
Plumbing pipes

A huge list of options are available for plumbing solutions at Fakhri Brothers but the most common types used are PVC and PPR. They are used in all types of settings from households to buildings and factories. They are available in various qualities and standards. In terms of durability they are the strongest compared to many other types and can bear heat and extreme pressures. They are the best options to choose.

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