Monday, 16 March 2015

How to solve HVACR problems

Every household or work place needs a clean, hygienic and healthy indoor air especially places where there are people who suffer from asthma and allergies. The healthy indoor air depends on the heating and refrigeration solutions or the air conditioning solutions used.

Fakhri Brothers are the leading insulation providers and HVACR importers and stockiest in Pakistan and UAE. They have been market leaders and known for their products and reliable services. They are the importers of world's renowned brands such as Weiss, Kimco, Sinro etc in the area of HVAC, ACR, plumbing and fire fighting.

The HVAC and ACR have to be regularly maintained in order to keep them running smoothly and increase their functionality. A few common HVACR problems and their solutions are;

Air filters are not clean
They are usually spoiled by dust, pollen, moulds, or other tiny particles in the air which restrict the flow of air damaging the HVAC therefore the air filters have to be regularly checked and cleaned.

Proper electric supply
The power outlet on which the HVAC is plugged should be proper and not tripped. Sudden change in power supply can damage the HVAC unit or even create a great mishap.

Malfunctioning thermostat
If the thermostat is damaged or not working properly it can adversely affect the HVAC, the setting of thermostat on correct temperature (heating or cooling) is necessary as per the season.

Refrigeration leaks
HVAC and ACR won't function properly if there is any type of leaks, if you experience improper functioning of HVAC despite of a clean filter and regular thermostat level try looking for the leaks in the unit. In case of major ones professional help can be taken to repair the leaks.

If the HVACR is kept maintained its life increases and people can relax and enjoy the healthy indoor air.

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