Sunday, 12 July 2015

Heat wave in Karachi 2015

Recently Karachi experience one of the worst heat waves in the history when the temperatures soar to around 45 °C, thousands of people became its victims. Hospitals were flooded with patients suffering from high fever and heat stroke while emergency was imposed in all the hospitals, everyday many people died and people tried avoiding going out in afternoon.
In such high temperatures air conditioners became necessary and their sale increased. People purchased various branded ones including Muller,Fastech and other ones from Fakhri Brothers and other retailers. HVAC at public places including restaurants, clubs, hospitals, malls etc were running fully and people often went to these places to relax when sun was on its peak.

Even ACR at workplace became necessary as working in such a hot weather productively was next to impossible. But obviously the saddening truth was that everyone could not afford the comfort of airconditioners and due to the negligence of concerned authorities and other factors many people lost their lives.
Electricity is a major issue in Pakistan and HVAC or ACR cannot function without it. Energy supply is short and we are not able to produce required amount to fulfil the country's need. But being responsible citizens we can save energy where we can so that it can be used when necessary. Like switch off the extra lights and fans when not needed or instead of a tube light use energy saver bulb.
Few of the ways of saving energy while functioning of HVAC or ACR can be;
Service and regular maintenance
Service your HVAC and ACR unit regularly and keep a maintenance check, call authorized person to do who has its knowhow
Placement of stuff
Placement of furniture in the room plays a huge role in its cooling, ventilation and heating of the room. Place the furniture in the position that it does not become an obstruction to any air conditioning vent. 
Portable ones are a better option
Use portable coolers to cool the room as they utilize half of the energy then the regular AC unit.
Fix the thermostat
Set the thermostat on a normal temperature which makes the indoor environment cool and comfortable
Unnecessary use
When not needed switch the air conditioner off
Fakhri Brothers is the authorized dealer of HVAC in Pakistan and UAE and deals with all top notch brands in the market. 

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