Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Beat the Intolerable Scorching Heat

The temperatures have been rising in summers and at times it becomes intolerable to bear the scorching heat, air conditioners are the need of time. Today mostly all household, shopping malls, theatres, restaurants and hotels are centrally air conditioned. People feel relaxed to go and visit air conditioned malls and theatres and these public places are over jammed on holidays. In order to provide cooling units to households and huge places Fakhri Brothers has complete range of air conditioning systems. They are a committed company which provides premium quality air conditioning systems within fair prices and by means of honest transactions. They have been dealing with all the clients lawfully and ethically.

Fakhri Brothers are the distributors of well known brands of AC including ALCO, Robinair, Durkee, Honeywell, Matsushita, Danfoss etc. These all help people in surviving from the heat waves which at times becomes unbearable for not only old, sick and frail people but also for a common man. If productivity of the workforce in offices is observed, it can be calculated that AC increases it and the workforce is more active and more efficient in AC rooms. Today mostly all offices from local to multinational are centrally air conditioned to escape the scorching heat.

Globally today when designing any new office or shopping mall or theatre or any other huge public place, space for AC units is kept in their designs, Fakhri Brothers is one of the best groups to approach for the commercial AC units. Before buying AC units the person should check that it has a thermal expansion valve and a higher temperature rating which should be greater than 11.6 for higher efficiency operations and a speed air handler which varies for new ventilation systems. Further the noise of AC while operation should be slow and there is a fan-only switch so that the unit can be used for night time ventilation and its cost can be reduced. Most of the commercial AC have filter check lights so that the filter can be checked and cleaned after operating for specific hours and an automatic delay fan switch to turn off within a specific time after the compressor is turned off.

Fakhri Bothers knows how to deal with their customer needs and provide them with top-notch cooling units. They provide best services from installation to repair and maintenance and after sales services. In order to know more about AC units go to www.fakhribrothers.com and find your required brand and ACR system. Whenever you need the cooling units just make a call!!

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