Friday, 18 December 2015

Can HVAC beat Heat illnesses?

He was one of the most healthy fellow in the gym, dank lots of water, his fitness and shape was perfect, took a healthy and balanced diet and hardly used any medicines. For most of the members of the gym he was a perfect example to follow, no one thought he would suffer heat exhaustion this summer.

In peak summers, one day while working in office which was quiet heated up and did not have any facility of HVAC suddenly he started having extreme fatigue, extreme thirst and headache. Not knowing how to control himself he left everything and went to rest. But situation worsened up and he was rushed to hospital.

Heat related illnesses

People often argue that air conditioners are not important and if people in the past could live without it why not us? But looking at the raising heat concerns they are no more a luxury but a necessity. Earth temperatures are rising, atmosphere is heating up and people have even died due to heat stroke.

Before serious problem, our body gives us many signs and warnings. In the same way before heat related illnesses common signs are headache, vomiting or nausea, fatigue and muscle spasms. Extreme heat can lead to illnesses like;
  • heat exhaustions
  • heat cramps
  • heat strokes
Avoiding heat is necessary, the best ways are to stay indoors with air conditioning running and maintaining a comfortable environment along with proper ventilation. Best brands of air conditioners and HVAC are found at Fakhri Brothers. They are the leaders in UAE and Pakistan supplying best brands to their customers.

Importance of air conditioners

Air Conditioners have a huge impact; they not only make the place comfortable and more productive but also increase the efficiency of people present there. In offices with air conditioners people tend to work more productively and are more active compared to a hot place where they get tired very easily.

Air Conditioners provide clean air which is free from dust and pollution, smoke and other bacteria's therefore providing healthy environment.

Beat the heat this summer, drink lots of water, have more fresh fruits and a balanced healthy diet, stay indoors and exercise routinely staying an active lifestyle.

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