Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Insulation; The need of all seasons

The month of October is near to the end and November is arriving bringing with it the cool breeze and chilly winds of winter season, preparation have started and people have flooded the shops with the need to buy warm clothes, heaters, mufflers, caps etc.

But can only heaters work if the place where they are kept is not insulated?

The heater would never do its job but only add to energy bills unless the places are properly sealed. Viewing the beauty of snowfall, while sitting near a window inside a heated room is a pleasant moment sipping hot coffee only if the insulation of the room is good.

Fakhri Brothers has few best solutions for providing insulation at your home and work places. Thermobreak insulation is an effective solution and it provides maximum filling with cross linked closed cell polyolefin foam being the market leader today.

Accepting the success of thermobreak and its performance over the year's thermobreak is approved by the Dubai municipality and few of the famous projects in UAE have used this technology including Dubai Medical Health Care City, Jumeirah Beach Residency, Madinat Jumeirah, Adnoc Head Quarters etc.

Apart from these huge projects thermobreak is widely used in local offices, shops and residential plots. Thermobreak has been manufactured in Australia using Japanese technology and parent company Sekisui who have been in business since many years and are well aware of harsh climatic conditions.

Fakhri Brothers has been using this technology since some time and customers have been quiet pleased and satisfied with it. Thermobreak insulation keeps the place cool in summers and hot in winters making the place comfortable.

The month of December will see a lot of Christmas and New Year parties, groups of people will be gathered in different places to celebrate the fun. The energy sucking lights, air conditioners and heaters will be operating to their maximum efficiency consuming much energy and raising the bills.

Getting such places insulated with thermobreak by contacting Fakhri Brothers before the year ends is a nice solution and can save much on the electric bills. Apart from this there are a few energy sucking appliances which consume electricity even when idle like
  •  Espresso machines
  •  Cable boxes and DVRs
  • Printers and fax machines, etc

Carefully switch off these products and don't keep them plugged in the socket. Be careful!!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Saving energy is a child's play today

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Many of us are curious to know about upcoming in the field of insulation. Many people even go to the extent of saying that they want solid wall insulation at their homes, an insulation which is full poof and is energy efficient.

I want my house and work place to be quiet where I can work comfortably and in peace, at times the sound of rain falling or the thunderstorm striking on the roof can be distracting and affects the work or my comfort. During my business presentations it distracts the communication between the presenter and the listeners. The best choice for me is the Thermobreak insulation by Fakhri Brothers.

Thermobreak insulation is one of the latest insulation techniques successfully installed by Fakhri Brothers, along with closely interlinked cells it is also backed up with adhesive backing which gives it maximum strength and efficiency. Thermobreak has a very low thermal conductivity and almost near zero permeability. Due to it's closely linked cells it facilitates easy and quick insulation.

Thermobreak insulation keeps the place warm in winters and cool in summers. It brings the energy bills down and becomes a sound barrier for rainfall and thunderstorms, even the loudest disturbing sounds are blocked and the person can work and relax without any distractions.

If you want to bring energy bills down thermobreak is the most effective way but a few more things also have to be done to bring the bills down, like no matter how much expert a manager is if the team does not work efficiently goals of the company cannot be achieved. We at home can adopt a few simple habits of saving energy.

Reduce the temperature levels

Using low level of temperatures can help like running the air-conditioner on 26 degrees instead of 12 or 14 degrees and refrigerator between 37-40 degrees can lower the energy consumption. Or turning off the gas when not in use will lower the gas bills.

Turn off extra electricity

People often tend to forget lights when leaving the premises most commonly in kitchens, bathrooms or garages; make a habit of turning off the lights. Program the thermostat of the air conditioners so that they create an ideal temperature in the room and shut down. Cooling an empty room will not be of any use.

Saving energy is not a problem and along with being energy conscious at home contact Fakhri Brothers to get your home insulated with Thermobreak insulation for efficient home energy solution.

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