Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Next level HVAC

As the technology is advancing, people from all walks of life are utilizing it. Few look at it as a curse while for others it is a blessing. Technology when put to proper use can do wonders. HVAC technology has also been advancing; new improved units provide better ventilation, heating and Air Conditioning solutions.

Modern HVACs can now be controlled by our smart phones. Smart phones could turn into remotes to control the Air Conditioning solutions and heating and refrigeration solutions at our homes or work place. This has taken the HVAC systems efficiency to next level; along with the HVAC control, smart phones control the weather updates around the home.

Still much work is being done in the area. HVAC are a necessity in places where summer temperature reach peaks like Pakistan and UAE. Afternoons are horrible especially in the months of May and June, the time when people start dying due to heat stroke and HVAC become a requirement at work and home.

Fakhri Brothers are the HVACR importers and stockiest leading in the industry since many years. It has provided HVAC, Air Conditioning solutions and heating and refrigeration solutions to huge commercial projects and even residential plots. Fakhri Brother promotes energy-efficient, sustainable and cost-effective heating and cooling solutions.

In its long run Fakhri Brothers has worked with a number of clients in different industries including;
       ·         commercial and industrial buildings
       ·         hotels and restaurants
       ·         health care facilities
       ·         shopping malls and supermarkets
       ·         Etc.

Fakhri Brother deals with renowned global brands in the industry, apart from best HVAC they also work in the areas of ACR, plumbing and fire fighting. All humans like to survive in nice and comfortable environment, HVAC make the indoor environment peaceful, relaxing and safe. At workplace when the indoor temperatures are comfortable, employee's efficiency and interest increases. To know more about Fakhri Brothers log on to www.fakhribrothers.com

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