Friday, 19 June 2015

Avoid outside pollution and clean indoor environment by HVACR

Pollution is spreading and our outside air is filled with car fumes, dust, pollutants and many other harmful chemicals. Along with it the summer heat is killing and draining all our energy and affecting our health. To work effectively in such an environment is next to impossible unless there is a proper system of heating, cooling and ventilation

When we are spending maximum time indoor why not have a good HVAC system to maintain a comfortable environment in our indoor area. Buy a branded HVAC from Fakhri Brothers, the authorized Dealer of HVACR Products in Karachi Pakistan and UAE. The life of a branded good quality HVAC and ACR would be much longer and it would work more efficiently compared to other cheaper brands.

Not only our outdoor air but indoor environment is also unhealthy. It is filled with lots of pollutants including;

  • Ø  Dust and dirt which comes from outside.
    Ø  Fumes from household chemicals like bleach or polish.
    Ø  Molds, bacteria's and germs which grow in the indoor environment.

They all add up in polluting the indoor air and therefore proper ventilation is important for every household or indoor office space.

A good HVACR will aid in reducing indoor pollution by cleaning up the air through proper ventilation. It makes the indoor environment cool in hot summers and warm in winters for the people to work comfortable and stay relaxed.

High level of inside humidity also encourages growth of molds, fungus, bacteria's and other microscopic organisms harmful for people while a lower humidity encourages dust and dirt inside the room. A HVACR regulates the indoor humidity and maintains a normal level discouraging growth of unwanted organisms.

Get known brands including Muller, Fastech, Alco, Duro, Dyne, Abro, Honeywell, Sinro, Durkee and other known brands from Fakhri Brothers, the leaders in the HVAC industry in Pakistan and UAE.


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