Monday, 12 January 2015

2014- A successful year for Fakhri Brothers

The New Year has brought with it new hopes, challenges and countless innovative ideas; but along with the new expectations Fakhri Brothers is glad to have a successful and great year 2014. It was a year filled with lots of achievements, successes and of course a few failures due to some mistakes which would probably be avoided in future.

In year 2014 Fakhri Brothers was successful in maintaining its position as the leading insulation providers in Pakistan and UAE. Being an authorized HVACR dealer and stockiest it expanded its product range and added many new world renowned brands in it.

Fakhri Brothers expanded its name and business by participating in the Big 5 show which was held in Kuwait in September and then in Dubai in November 2014. It received an overwhelming response from its customers and being inspired with the product range the business attracted many new clients.

Fakhri Brothers have been dealing in four huge areas in the year 2014 including;

  •  HVAC
  •  ACR
  • Plumbing
  •  Firefighting

In order to be the leaders in all the four areas they have became authorized dealers and stockiest of these products from world famous brands including KIMMCO, Weiss, SINRO, Foster, NAFFCO, and many other prominent ones.

Looking at the demands and needs of people and promoting hygienic environment Fakhri Brothers introduced the P3 Ductal System and P3 Anti Bacterial Solution which was the most appropriate solution for places like hospitals and operating rooms, clean rooms, pharmaceutical industry and food industries.

Another great and successful event in the year 2014 was the exhibition held at Expo in Pakistan. It was a huge achievement and many local as well as international clients and companies participated, Fakhri Brothers became a brand name and many corporations and customers visited the stall.

The year went nice and Fakhri Brothers served many of its customers who were pleased with the products and services. The overwhelming response from our customers in our huge event was a compliment for us and boosted our confidence and commitment to work further ahead in the field and provide the best we can.

Wishing everyone a happy new year!!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Benefits of copper material over others

Copper, the red metal has always been a boon to people. At one time it was used in the tools for handicraft, decoration, and agriculture and at other time as a hunting weapon. Even in the era of Egyptian pharaoh copper pipes were used in their royal baths for carrying water, today when these pipes were unearthed few of them are still usable due to the coppers durability and resistance to corrosion.

Copper tubes and copper pipes are used at many places today; there is no material which is better than copper in transporting water and modern technology has proved this. Fakhri Brothers are the leading insulation providers and deal in different plumbing materials including valves, pipes and fittings.

Fakhri Brothers has a reputation of best HVACR importers and stockiest in Pakistan and UAE, they have all types of copper, copper tubes and copper pipes which are strong, corrosion resistant and light and can be fixed easily at different locations in small houses, tall buildings, factories or other commercial settings.

HVACs and ACRs nowadays use copper tubes, at Fakhri Brothers various are available in annealed tempers (hard and soft) and different range of diameters and thickness. In addition these copper pipes and copper tubes have ready available fittings for different design applications and its joints are simple, reliable and economical to make. This gives it an advantage over other pipes and tubes.

Modern engineering has been using copper pipes and copper tubes in all plumbing systems of newly designed houses, apartments, residential, industrial and commercial projects. The HVAC and ACR at Fakhri Brothers are economical and use Eco-friendly copper for its applications.

Fakhri Brothers has the top quality HVACRs available in Pakistan and UAE from world top brands. The copper, copper tube and copper pipes used in HVACR today occupy small space and have efficient heat exchange coils which gives the unit higher energy efficiency. These coils are comparably lighter and occupy less space than the older ones. Copper tubes are long lasting, reliable and even recyclable. They are the top preference in plumbing as well as HVACs and ACRs due to its quality of being corrosion resistant, durable and strong. Fakhri Brothers has a huge collection of copper pipes and copper tubes including R-22, R-134, R-136, R-136, R-144 from well known brands

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