Tuesday, 25 November 2014

HVAC preparation for this winter

Anyone carrying a piano cannot be a pianist or wearing a white coat and carrying stethoscope cannot be a doctor, you have to be trained for it and fulfill all requirements. Apart from a pianist no one can make a perfect rhythm or apart from a doctor no one can carry out an operation in the hospital. In the same way to be an authorized dealer of world's greatest brands in the area of HVAC a company has to be certified and fulfill all such requirements.

Fakhri Brothers is a big name dealing in the industry of HVAC, ACR, plumbing and fire fighting equipments. They are the major company working in Pakistan and UAE and providing customer oriented services to all its clients. Fakhri Brothers are the leading insulation providers in the area providing heating and refrigeration solutions.

The month of December is approaching weather is getting cold and chilly, winds have started to flow people are preparing their homes to stay comfortable and got their new HVAC or done maintenance of their old ones. Fakhri Brothers has latest HVAC equipment to add comfort at your home and office place.

Winters need preparation, along with warm clothes the HVAC units needs to be cleaned and maintained. Few preparations with HVAC would include;
  • Thermostat has to be checked as it avoids the temperature to go to extremes and also reduce the bills. The inside air temperature is maintained and the room feels comfy and warm.
  •  Filter is another important part of an HVAC and has to be cleaned and changed often. If filter is chocked heat exchange and flow becomes difficult extracting more electricity and increasing the bills.
  •  Humidity is created inside the room during the functioning of HVAC and has to be controlled; high temperatures feel heavier while cold ones travel right through the bones. Humidity creates static electricity and in less humid room people would get a shock while touching metallic knobs or other things.

Maintenance is quiet necessary in order to keep the thermostat working, filters clean and control humidity in the room. It improves comfort and reduces the electricity bills by increasing the efficiency of the units.

All units by Fakhri Brothers helps you save energy, they are all available with good warranty lives and are user friendly. In case of proper insulation the HVAC will function effectively using minimum energy.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

How to improve the indoor air quality using HVAC

Many years back, when animals and people moved around the land holding daggers and ploughed the area, our earth had a complete different picture. But today industries have taken over barren lands, trees have fallen, fields are reduced, river has changed its course and agriculture has replaced industrialization.

This has increased the level of pollution around the globe, the empty land which used to be green and clean is now filled with smokes and ashes, and many of them have turned into garbage dumping grounds. This has affected negatively creating millions of health related issues in people. People are deprived of clean air today.

It is not easy to control the outside environment and concerned authorities are doing their work but controlling inside air quality and keeping it fresh and pollution free is what we can do. The air conditioning solutions play a vital role in controlling the indoor air quality. An effective HVAC system can act as a barrier for pollution to enter inside, it stops pollens, dust, sand, smoke and other pollutant to enter inside the room.

Fakhri Brothers are the leading insulation providers in Pakistan and UAE; they have the best air conditioning solutions needed for different places and settings. They are the complete HVAC providers, and have HVAC solutions from well known brands.

An HVAC can only function effectively and produce clean air when the system is maintained and inspected timely for its performance, filters are changed, fan is cleaned and air ducts are inspected for fungal and bacterial growth. Such HVAC would create a healthy indoor environment at home or business place free from pollution and dirt.

Healthy indoor environment created by HVAC would also benefit people having various allergies from pollution (dust allergy), asthma, COPD or other respiratory problems. Therefore get the best air conditioning solutions from Fakhri Brothers and improve the indoor air quality.

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