Friday, 12 December 2014

How to repair damaged pipes and fittings

As the things start becoming old they start to wither and many faults arise from them. Mostly when people purchase new homes which have been constructed much time back they have to face problem of blocked or leaked valves, pipes and fittings.

The most common problem is of the pipes which are leaking water most of the time and have been temporary renovated by the soldering process but needs another coat. All major problems are solved by Fakhri Brothers who are the leading insulation providers and have been supplying plumbing accessories from world renowned brands in Pakistan and UAE.

Fakhri Brothers
has completed many projects for commercial and industrial sectors and successfully handled tough and complicated work with expert man power and complete knowledge of the subject. It has copper tubes, copper pipes, R-22, R-134, R-136, R-136, and R-144 from well known brands including Econosto, Gala, Duyar etc.

When it comes to renovating the old pipes at home in kitchen or the bathroom areas the task at times seems to be much complicated and have to be tackled skillfully. The first most important thing is to clean out all the excess water from the place and let the area dry up. Mostly when the plumber comes to mend the valves, fittings and pipes he closes the main water supply and drains water from the pipes.

Once the pipes and fittings are dried out they are ready for the soldering process, plumbers now start clearing the pipes and brush the caps from inside and outside to get the copper. Then taking the acid brush they coat the two surfaces with the medium coat of flux and place the cap over the end of the pipe.

The pipes can now solder, they can join together to close the leakages. Little heating is required to attach the solder to the joints which will fix the pipes easily. Once the solder is melted by the heat the pipes and fittings are joints together and the kitchen sink or bathroom pipes are ready to be used again.

It is important that the solder is melted properly and spread nicely in between the pipes and fittings which would give it strength to prevent water leakage in a longer run. The plumber usually cleans the excess solder and gives the pipes and fittings a new sparkling look.

To know more about plumbing and to get the best plumbing products contact Fakhri Brothers.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

How to prevent pipes from freezing in winters

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Winters are the times to sit back at home and have fun with video games and television, it is the time to miss the fun of basketball and football but enjoy indoor activities mostly. Situations get troublesome especially if the extreme weathers are recorded and things start freezing.

Good heating solutions become compulsory in such extreme weathers along with good ventilation system. Fakhri Brothers is the leading insulation provider in Pakistan and UAE which supplies HVAC units from internationally acclaimed brands like KIMMCO.

Fakhri Brothers is the authorized HVACR importers and stockiest and have established their name in the industry. It has pleased its customers by providing complete HVAC help and services which have added comfort in their lives.

Snow fall and extreme low temperatures in winters bring about a few problems in various heating and refrigeration solutions especially if its pipes start to freeze their efficiency reduce.

Few suggestions to prevent pipes from freezing are; if the pipes are exposed cover them with some piece of towel or insulate them with pipe insulation or the ABRO insulation tape from Fakhri Brother. This would prevent the loss of heat to the outside of the pipes. The water should drip while the HVAC are running and maintain a temperature on the thermostat.

Winter often is the time to fix the pipes and get the new ones, get them from Fakhri Brothers. It is always wise to be cautious then to bear unnecessary risk repairs.

All the heating and refrigeration solutions are built with a purpose, they are engineered in a manner that they can function in synchronization with others and consume efficient energy while providing comfort in the place. By functioning together they produce fresh and clean air which is suitable for your indoor environment.

All HVAC require proper installation and maintenance only then they can work effectively. To get more information on HVACs contact Fakhri Brothers.

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