Tuesday, 6 February 2018


Draining, leaking pipes could be your worst nightmare since none of us would like our homes to get drown in water, therefore, using strong and good qualitypipes becomes mandatory. It will help to deliver a tenacious frame to your structure and will provide long-lasting results. 

Before buying any product make sure that it performs well. Customer’s main concern is its durability but bears in mind that even standardization is important for valves, Pipes, and Fittings. It ensures that the equipment runs for a longer period of time. Whenever we carry out plumbing work at home we often look for copper pipes, copper tubes, valves Pipes and fittings that are fit for our place and consider lots of specifications before purchasing them including size, design, marking, material, pressure-temperature ratings etc therefore a huge list of options are available for plumbing solutions at Fakhri Brothers but the most common types used are PVC and PPR. They are used in all types of settings from households to buildings and factories. They are available in various qualities and standards. In terms of durability, they are the strongest compared to many other types and can bear the heat and extreme pressures as well.

Fakhri Brothers have a complete solution for all your plumbing needs. It provides all types of plumbing materials including valves Pipes and Fitting, carbon steel seamless pipes, copperpipes, copper tubes and much more. These products can last for years and can be easily fitted in all places. For more information and detail visit our website http://www.fakhribrothers.com/

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