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Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes

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Used in petrochemical and boiler industries, ship building, applied for nuclear devices and many other huge plants carbon steel seamless pipes are durable and able to bear huge strength and toughness. Being the most competitive product in the industry, Fakhri Brothers, a renowned name all over Pakistan and UAE have been providing best Seamless pipes and tubes to customers to meet their requirements.

Along with fire fighting, heating and refrigeration solutions and Air Conditioning solutions, Fakhri Brothers is also leading the market in the plumbing sector. They are specialized in offering various Valves, Pipes and Fitting, malleable Iron, copper pipes, copper tubes and much more.

Carbon steel seamless pipes are manufactured with solid round steel billets heated at huge temperatures and pulled over to make a hollow tube. The carbon steel in the tube gives it the extra strength and durability, making it able to withstand huge pressures of oil, gas, water, steam and heat.


Carbon steel seamless pipes are resistant enough to high pressure, shock and corrosions. They can carry huge loads on them without being damaged, thus places with huge crowds, heavy machineries and loads of vehicles can lay foundations with these pipes. They are even ideal for use on highways and other roads of Pakistan and UAE where the rate of traffic is definitely too high.

Reliability and safety

Carbon steel seamless pipes are molded into shapes and therefore do not need glues, pesticides or other chemicals to work safely, reliably and securely. Common issue with other types of pipes and tubing's is of rotting and pest, but carbon steel seamless pipes are free from it. They are used widely for homes, huge buildings, industries and all other huge commercial projects. They are even inflammable and resistant to earthquake, lightning and hurricanes.

Safe to environment

The carbon steel seamless pipes are cost effective and environmentally friendly. They cause no damage. Buy the best range of these pipes and other plumbing materials from Fakhri Brothers.

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