Thursday, 15 September 2016

When does the system require a replacement?

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Staying in Karachi when it's hot most of the year while mild winters are just guest who visit for a few days, air Conditioning solutions have become a necessary requirement. Usually spring starts with rainfalls while cool breeze during the end of the year is the sign of winters. But whatever the outside temperatures are, we all need comfortable and safe indoors.

Air Conditioning solutions should be well maintained and if there is a time to replace them do it before you waste more bucks on it. It surely is a struggle to take decision but proper choice at right time is always wise. A new system is an asset and investment; it will actually save your pockets.

All heating and refrigeration solutions have a life beyond which no matter how much costly repairs you do there is no guarantee that in the next week another repair is not needed. Instead get a new one. Buy the best brands of Air Conditioning solutions or heating and refrigeration solutions from Fakhri Brothers, the Leading Insulation Provider in Pakistan and UAE. They deal with the globally accepted brands like KIMMCO and Econosto.

Whether its Air Conditioning solutions or heating and refrigeration solutions, they all are available with good warranties and lower down the energy bills. Latest technologies have been designed in most innovative ways keeping in mind needs of tomorrow hence latest units consume much less energy compared to older ones. It would enhance the comfort indoors and function much more smoothly.

Few common indicators that the air conditioning solution has died are;
  1. The system requires a repair too frequently may be within weeks but still it is not cooling the place
  2. The energy bills are soaring high
  3. Odd sounds are coming from the system and other such issues.
Wise decision would be to take a bold step and buy the new one. Contact Fakhri brothers!!

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