Saturday, 10 December 2016

Preventing fire eruption in commercial kitchen

  • What and how many fire equipment are needed for my place?
  • How can I increase my fire safety in limited budgets?
  • Which is the best fire safety equipment? 
  • Is my place properly equipped for emergency situations? 

These and many other are the common queries every responsible corporate has. Recently Karachi has witnessed many such fire emergencies with heavy loses of life and property which could be prevented if proper facilities and measures would have been taken immediately.

Fire at Regent Plaza Hotel
A huge fire erupted at Karachi's famous Regent Plaza hotel which killed at least 11 people and injured many along with destroying most of the place. Due to no proper arrangements and equipment at the hotel for dealing with emergency incidents such as fire, huge loss resulted. There were no fire exits or fire alarms which made the situation worst, people even died of suffocation. The fire started from the kitchen.

The commercial kitchen should be well equipped with all the necessary fire equipment; it is the main point from where damage can occur. If the fire in the kitchen at Regent Plaza was stopped by fire extinguishers, smoke alarms or fire doors the damage would have been prevented. A commercial kitchen should be designed with proper exhaust facilities and fire extinguishers in all the sides. Fire fighting equipment should be maintained and checked regularly.

Kitchen protection plan

NAFFCO provides a perfect kitchen protection plan. It has equipment which automatically start in event of fire emergencies in the kitchen. The NAFFCO kitchen Mister system utilizes the state of art misting technology and is proven to prevent even the most deadly flames by stopping it in the kitchen only. In addition the NAFFCO kitchen system is attached with shielded cables which increases the response time. No matter whatever the size, these equipment would successfully control the fire.

NAFFCO fire equipment are available at Fakhri Brothers. They provide NAFFCO systems which are the best Fire Alarm System in Pakistan and globally. Contact Fakhri Brothers for further assistance.

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