Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Controlling fire breakout

The advancement of any department is known by its trained staff and the technology it uses. As a source of pride, identity and performance nothing can compare a fire truck or a fire engine. A vehicle having all the facilities rode by trained fire fighters to save lives and property. Fakhri Brothers provide Naffco Fire Fighting pumps, vehicles, shield etc equipped with all necessary amenities bringing pride at work.

Safety comes first

Fakhri Brothers pays utmost importance on safety, controlling fire is one of the most difficult and life threatening work. The scenes of buildings and offices lit on fire are so frightening that even imagining what the fire fighters have to face daily is extremely scary. Pakistan and UAE have many such examples in the past.

Reasons for fire breakouts

Fires break out occurs due to many reasons, faulty electric wirings, gas breakouts, over heating of electric equipments, smoking and the list goes on and on. Even use of proper Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is necessary. Proper units available at Fakhri Brothers of known brands have good quality wiring and internal units to suit a place. Else faulty and poor quality electric wiring and sockets are one of the few leading causes of fire indoors.

Fakhri Brothers provide vehicles used at fire place which have all the inbuilt capabilities and features to work promptly at fire site. They are carefully chosen by Naffco to suit the needs of brave fire fighters at work. Even the next generation designs and technologies implemented in fire trucks are outstanding.

Fire fighting gadgets

The fire breakout has to be controlled immediately before matters worsen but this is not always possible. Every place should be equipped with fire fighting gadgets like extinguishers, pumps, sprinkle systems etc which could control the fire for some time until help arrives. Fakhri Brothers provides fire fighting gadgets by Naffco, one of the leading global brands known for its commitment and reliable products.

Prevention is always better, emergencies don't tell and come. A wise person will always be prepared beforehand, equip your place with Naffco fire fighting gadgets by Fakhri Brothers.

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