Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Quality ACR Solutions

Present climatic conditions have made air conditioning, refrigeration and heating a compulsory asset. Countries like Pakistan and UAE where extreme summers make daily routines difficult, temperature controlled indoor environment ensures comfort and steady living.

Fakhri Brothers are the known authorized dealers in UAE and Pakistan offering ACR, HVAC and refrigeration services at all commercial levels. They deal with global brands, being the leaders in market. From small business needs to corporate and industrial sectors Fakhri Brothers has a solution for everybody.

Castel ACR

Castel ACR by Fakhri Brothers are recognised for their quality products. They consider quality as their ultimate priority and are globally known for high standards. Their products are manufactured using latest technologies and are continuously improving to meet up with the standards. Castel believes in continuous process of improvement and development.

People are quite aware of the need of air conditioners especially in the months from April to June and then September to Octobers when the temperatures are only increasing. ACRs by Fakhri Brothers make life easy and comfortable. From work and recreation places to homes air conditioners are needed everywhere.

For huge houses Castel ACR solutions are best choices. It gives more control on how the air is distributed evenly throughout the corners of the house. Fakhri Brothers would always be glad to share different HVAC and ACR options for your place.

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