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HVAC directly Impacts on the efficiency in Business

Providing a conditioned environment at workplace increases efficiency and productivity of work force. To achieve this Fakhri Brothers provides heating, ventilation and air conditioned units (HVAC) for commercial purposes. Fakhri Brothers deals with few of the best HVAC branded units, which provides clean air that is odour free, a certain temperature to maintain a pleasant environment, humidity level and the movement of air around the room to create a certain comfort level. Purchasing an HVAC unit and installing it will surely increase the productivity at work place.

Just imagine if someone is sitting in the office, sweating and in the dark not because his work deadline for the project submission is not met but as the surrounding temperature is way to high around 70-75 degree and place feels like a boiling pan and the HVAC is not running, how can anyone work? Although in such a situation all the non essential lights have been closed to reduce heat and the workers are dressed up in their formal clothes still no one can work; hence putting up an HVAC in work settings is always important and it can directly have an impact on the workers and their work. Many people working in office cabins or huge office rooms, with computer equipments, overhead lights, copiers and other stuff will be relaxed with a HVAC running around them. Putting up an HVAC is an important agenda these days.

Surrounding temperatures have a direct impact on workers' productivity and Fakhri Brothers understands this. Its HVAC units provide a healthy air quality for indoor comfort in both the summer and the winter seasons adjusting the various temperatures accordingly and maintaining a steady and a smooth environment. Looking at the phenomena of heating so the heating travels from a warmer material to the cooler material, change of temperatures in different materials promotes heat transfer and heating units work like this in winters by gradually heating up the cooled areas. While the A/C works by cooling the warm areas and again travelling to places with greater temperature differences and cooling the area. HVAC is the combination of both, it comprises of an A/C for summers and a heating unit for winters along with a ventilator to ensure smooth and steady environment in the commercial and industrial settings. Get a HVAC unit for your work place from Fakhri Brothers, just contact them and find all the related services needed from installation, service to maintenance and after sales services.

HVACs have a simple working procedure, there is a fan attached inside the unit which circulates the air flow inside and outside the unit, then there is an air duct and the air devices for air outlets and air inlets. The air flows from the conditioned space to the mixed air chamber via the ductworks and there are outside air ducts for the outward movement of air. The mix air chamber is there which mixes the outside air and the filter removes the dust and dirt from entering into the room, then the compressor compresses the refrigerant vapour and pumps the refrigerant around the system. Hence these and many other processes combine while the HVAC is working. The amount of air flows as requires to heat, cool and give a suitably good indoor air quality and indoor temperature.

Regularly check the HVAC unit that is it working properly, does it fulfil health, safety and environmental regulations or are you facing any maintenance issues, is it in a good condition or does it need to be changed, in any case contact Fakhri brothers to get the required assistance or contact them on and get your new and fully reliable HVAC sets now.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Fakhri Brothers One of the best in Air Conditioning Refrigeration

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Air conditioning refrigeration has became a necessity today, temperatures are rising and in few months when the summers are at its peak it is next to impossible to survive without it. Fakhri Brothers has top branded air conditioning refrigeration (ACR) units which are popular globally. Fakhri Brothers has earned a reputation in the field and has established its name in the market, ACR are becoming common these days and almost every place from households to businesses all have it.

In order to smoothly run the ACR units one has to be careful that all the windows and doors are closed otherwise proper cooling cannot take place. This is the reason why shopping malls and buildings which have central ACR systems are sealed or have locked glass windows. At the time of installation of ACR proper care has to be taken as if poorly fixed will not be effective in cooling the room or the place. Timely maintenance has to be done, every machine in order to run smoothly needs timely maintenance else the ducts can leak or the airflow can be reduced.

One important thing to focus is that at the time of installation we have to check the performance and efficiency of the units. The person responsible to fix the ACR unit should be trained to do it, they should know whether the charging problem exists or not. Whenever the maintenance is done or the ACR stops working it is always advised to check the fuses and the circuit breakers first.

The filters and coils have to be kept clean otherwise the compressors or the fans will stop cooling the area, the leaks have to be checked regularly to ensure there is no extra leakage and leakages will also impact on the electricity bills. The electrical connections and contacts have to be checked regularly by trained professionals. Fakhri Brothers ACR's are the refrigerants of today; they are manufactured using latest technologies and have all latest features. The units are known for their reliability, quieter operation, improved dehumidification and enhanced heat pump performance.

Fakhri Brothers ensures that availability of ACR is always up to the demand and the system uses gases which are ozone friendly. The budgeting is based on the quality and the demand of the ACR and all the rates are satisfactory. It assures a warranty life different for different sets. ACRs have many uses, they keep things cold and functioning of industrial and household refrigeration is different. The cold storage warehouses have systems which keep meat, produce, dairy products and other perishable products cool and stored. Few products have to be kept under refrigerator even when transferred from one place to another; hence refrigeration facility can be fitted in transport to maintain the necessary temperatures.

The household refrigeration systems are only mend for house hold uses, they are used a hillers to cool water, meat, poultry, fruits, vegetables etc. They have a certain freezing temperature on which they work. These all and different kinds of refrigeration from top notch brands including Alco, Robinair, Durkee, Honeywell etc are available at Fakhri Brothers. Just make a call or go to their link and make your order now.

The Achievements of Fakhri Brothers

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The pioneers in the development of the basic air conditioning system in 1974, Fakhri brothers hasn’t looked back ever since. The road to development and growth has been an uphill climb. Fakhri Brothers today are the market leaders in providing innovative and improved quality solutions to make life a comfortable journey. From the air conditioning system to refrigeration, Fakhri brothers cater to every nook and cranny of the field.

The success achieved by Fakhri Brothers in the years has been extraordinary. The number of companies associated with them has grown ever since. The process of expansion doesn’t seem to stop for them while companies and associations display immense zeal to work in collaboration. The number of certificates and awards received by Fakhri Brothers display the expertise and technological management capability which they encompass in themselves.

Years and years of association with pharmaceutical companies and various societies have borne fruit for them while they are awarded with various quality and relationship awards. Be it the Pharmaceutical Professionals Club or Pakistan’s HVACR Society, Fakhri Brothers services and workmanship has been awarded throughout.

ABRO, AFS, galco, Bitzer, Honeywell, Kimco, Meuller, ASHRAE, Petronas and so many other multinational agencies have offered certificates of bondage and appreciation in favour of Fakhri Brothers.

Similarly the clientele of Fakhri Brothers consist of some of the biggest names operating in the national as well as multinational industry. Abbot, Annex, Bosch, Hilton, Getz, Merck, Sanofi Aventis, etc are few of the names who have displayed immense delight with the craftsmanship and robust work procedures of Fakhri Borthers.

The tradition and culture of Fakhri Brothers speak volumes of their ability to offer to a wide array of market while customizing their products and services according to their needs. It is this extraordinary work force and intellect which has ensured an inclination towards success for the ever developing business and its market.

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