Tuesday, 15 March 2016

UAE Rainfall

The sky was silent; it was a dark night until early dawn. Monday morning of March 2016 rain hit various parts of UAE. It continued as the day progressed, temperature reduced and same continued on Tuesday and Wednesday. Matters worsened when thunderstorm brought even more heavy rainfall on Wednesday causing many casualties.

Businesses suffered, flights were delayed and even the schools were closed. Life came to a halt in UAE. It started to normalise again on Thursday when people started their routines submerging themselves in water on the streets of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities.

Can heavy rainfall damage your Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning units?

HVACs are strong enough and designed to withstand rain damages. It can function smoothly even during heavy rainfall provided the electric supply is not interfered. The electrical connections and components in the outdoor compressor are sealed and do not let the rain moisture to enter inside.
Fakhri Brothers are the leading suppliers of Fire Fighting, Refrigeration, HVAC and ACR in UAE and Pakistan. They supply quality products and services to their customers with full commitment and loyalty. HVAC by well known global brands available at Fakhri Brothers are manufactured to withstand different seasonal changes.

But still a few precautions have to be taken to take care of HVAC especially at the time of torrential rains. Water might not damage the outer unit but strong wind along with sand or falling objects can. Another factor damaging your outer units can be standing water of floods; if the outdoor units are submerged for longer hours in water they can be spoiled. UAE population would have checked out their units before starting it after the heavy rainfall.

Do not cover the outside unit as it causes corrosion. If it becomes necessary to cover them use the especially build up ones which have proper opening for ventilation. If moisture is trapped inside, the HVAC will be spoiled, falling rain water will dry up once rain stops but if the unit is covered and moisture retains inside internal parts will be corroded. So be careful!

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