Thursday, 6 October 2016

Need Of Fire Fighting

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A few months back we heard that fire broke out in one of the busiest shopping malls of Karachi, it immediately triggered fear and panic amongst the people present there. But due to the presence of proper Fire Fighting equipments with properly trained staff at Dolmen Mall the situation was controlled and there was no loss to life or property. But imagine the loss if there was no proper fire protection system?

History has witnessed many such horrific events when fire breakouts have caused hundreds or even thousands of people to die and huge loss to properties. The situations could not be controlled as the places were unarmed with no proper Fire Alarm System, fire extinguishers, Fire Pumps and Fire Fighting. This would all be saved if safety equipments were hanging on the wall within arm's reach.

Today many places are properly equipped with fire safety equipments. Fakhri Brothers have been a well known name in the industry supplying NAFFCO products to both huge and small commercial places. The Fire Alarm System by NAFFCO is fully automated to signal immediately in case it senses smoke or fire. They alert the in-charge personnel on time to take preventive measures.

Different types of Fire Alarm System are available at Fakhri Brothers to suit various needs. They are initiated by heat detectors, smoke detectors, sprinkle flow switches, manual pull stations, manual call points and other ways. The alarm rings signalling everyone to evacuate the place as soon as possible. People would get time to call fire fighters to handle the situation.

But before the fire brigade arrives trained personnel at the place can control the spread of fire using fire extinguishers and Fire Pumps. These are self defence equipments filled with dry chemicals to clear fire around the place depending on where they are sprayed. Temporary they can save lives before the help arrives. Fire extinguishers are easy to use and should be placed at most convenient places which are easily reachable by all.

Schools, universities, hospitals, shopping malls, business, commercial places and other public places all need Fire Alarm System, fire extinguishers, Fire Pumps and Fire Fighting at all times. Emergency can arise at anytime; it is wise to stay prepared. Contact Fakhri Brothers to order your safety equipments.

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