Friday, 17 April 2015

How to avoid health issues caused by air-conditioning

In many regions around the globe summer temperatures rise to peaks which makes it unbearable for the people, heat hovers above the body's natural temperatures and people avoid staying outdoors for more time. Air conditioners become a necessity.

The opposite occurs in winters when people cannot live without heating. Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning by Fakhri Brothers is needed at both commercial and private places. Offices, buildings, industries, shopping malls, health care centres, hospitals, airports and ample of other places need HVACs to function smoothly.

Fakhri Brothers are the authorized Dealer of HVACR Products in Karachi Pakistan and UAE. They deal with most renowned brands in the industry of Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning including Muller, Fastech, Alco, duro, Dyne, Abro, Honeywell, sinro, Durkee and other such great names.

HVACR is a miracle, no matter how extreme temperatures are it functions smoothly to maintain the inside air. Extreme summer heats are dangerous and in many places have lead to rise in mortality rates; it even causes cardiovascular, respiratory and cerebrovascular disease. Therefore air conditioners save people from heat strokes.

Often there is a controversy that heating Ventilation Air Conditioning is bad for health but what actually is the truth is such units would never harm if;
  • They are used properly
  •  Regularly maintained and cleaned in the right way
  •  Are suitable for the place they are placed in.

When the HVAC is not cleaned and maintained many moulds and microorganisms start growing on the unit which can cause allergies, asthma and irritation when the unit is functioning. People can have adverse health effects therefore cleaning the unit every 6 to 12 months is important.

Fakhri Brothers are the experienced dealers in heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration in Pakistan and UAE and can be contacted for proper guides. Their HVACR products are available in many Middle East countries and various cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Important considerations to prevent fire destructions

Ensuring fire safety at a place saves a lot of lives and property; preventing fires from occurring is the best practice at first place but at times this is not in our hands. Many commercial and private properties have proper fire prevention plans to control the situation.

Fire fighting is the basic requirement of all architectural structures. People have to be trained to be
proactive at time of emergency and take every possible step to minimize the loss. Fakhri Brothers is the authorized dealers of HVACR products in UAE and Pakistan who also deal in fire fighting products by NAFFCO.

In order to safeguard the commercial buildings and prevent them from destruction understanding fire regulations is important. The regulation measures cover various aspects including mainly prevention, detection and execution from the building in case of fire. Few important considerations to keep in mind are as follows;

Power supply and electrical connections

All the power supply and electrical connections should be safe; a small fault in it can lead to major consequences. The owners of the building should ensure that the contract has been given to good electricians and good quality wiring and connection are used. None of the sockets are overloaded or have long extension cords attached which might cause an electric shock or other electric problems.

Fire fighting equipments by Fakhri Brothers on all floors

All the floors must have Fire fighting equipments; they should be placed at easily reachable places, entry/ exit points and various corners and corridors. People should know its use and could easily access it.

CO2 fire extinguishers, fire pumps, CO2 fire suppression system and much more

Various NAFFCO fire fighting products are available at Fakhri Brothers to be placed in commercial buildings to prevent life and property damage cause by fire outbreak including CO2 fire extinguishers, fire pumps, CO2 fire suppression system etc.

HVAC system

Fakhri Brothers being the authorized dealers of HVACR products in UAE and Pakistan supply best Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration in Pakistan and UAE. These HVAC products are high voltage units and have combustible fuels therefore their regular maintenance is important. Installing good quality HVAC saves great amount of energy and adds to the comfort level.

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