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Types of pipes, valves and fittings

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Transporting liquid from one place to another through long tubes is quite common practice but the question comes when the fluid has to flow in the reverse direction. Liquid will always go from top to bottom but what if it has to move the other way. Few buildings have huge water storage tanks underneath the ground and the water has to be transported from there to the top, the flow has to be regulated and its quantity has to be maintained, this will require a plumbing tool which performs multiple functions.

A valve is made to control the flow of liquid, it can open and close and obstruct the flow of liquid in various directions and many different types are available at Fakhri Brothers. Econosto is a known name which deals in plumbing products including pipes, valves and fittings. Fakhri Brothers is the only authorized company in Pakistan selling genuine Econosto pipes, valves and other products.

When the water flows in different directions to different places it has to change its directions often to reach to a particular destination. Like when the water comes from the water treatment plants to households it makes its way through various pipes altering courses and angles. Elbow joins different pipes in different angles which makes it possible for the water to flow, one pipe cannot be so huge to cover the entire city. Elbows play an important part in plumbing along with other necessary tools.

Econosto valves regulate the flow of liquid and are able to withstand different pressures. They are necessary plumbing tool used in many of everyday machines including washing machines, dishwashers, sinks, motors etc. Different types of valves are needed for different settings, a valve in electric motor is different from the valve which is used in other machines.

Globe valve by Econosto regulates the flow of liquid in increments. The liquid which flows through the globe valve is regulated by the valve’s movable disk in relation to its ring seat.Such valve is often used with thick and viscous liquids. While needle valves are made to control the flow of liquid precisely, it has a slim plug which is specific than other larger disc valve. Other types of valves include safety valves, butterfly valves, check valves, etc. Fakhri Brothers has a whole range of plumbing products available for use in different areas.

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