Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Carbon Steel Pipes in Pakistan

If we just look around us for some time, numerous appliances, automobiles, and even huge building are made up using carbon steel pipes. Carbon and steel itself are widespread material and used in many applications. There was a time when tubes and pipes were manufactured using rolling mill technique involving extensive procedures. But now times have changed. Carbon Steel Pipes in Pakistan and across the globe are also used in power plants, oil refineries, and other industries. 

Econosto is a brand name which manufactures a complete solution for an industrial application. It is an international group of technical wholesale companies with operations in Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. In Pakistan, Fakhri Brothers is the authorized dealer of Econosto products. From Carbon Steel Pipes in Pakistan, valves, and accessories, malleable iron to all the kinds of pipes and fittings are available at Fakhri Brothers.

Types of carbon steel pipes

The carbon steel pipes usually contain carbon. They are classified on the amount of carbon they contain. The ultra high carbon steel comprises of the highest amount while compared to medium, low and mild carbon steel pipes. The greater the amount of carbon, steel becomes stronger and harder and therefore applications change. But stronger carbon pipes have reduced ductility.

Benefits of using carbon steel pipes

Few benefits of carbon steel pipes which give them preference over other materials is;

• They are safer to work with and not hazardous to handle as they don't require preservative or any other chemicals to protect them.
• They are shock resistant and can resist great shocks and vibration.
• Carbon steel pipes are cost effective and can tolerate huge pressures. Their tensile strength is stronger.

Applications of carbon steel pipes at various sectors

Due to its properties, carbon steel pipes are used in various applications. From homes, transportation to industries it is one of the main components. While fixing at any place they don't need to be treated with pesticides and being an absorber of great shocks can resist fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and lightning which makes it ideal for use. Even they are placed underneath the roadways and in underground water pipes because they can resist the harsh vibrations of heavy traffics. Therefore in huge industries and factories, carbon steel pipes are readily used for various purposes.

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