Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Carbon dioxide A Fire Suppression Agent

What could happen if people are walking in an office or in a factory and suddenly fire blows up, escape is not near and everyone starts looking for the fire fighting equipments!! At that time the fire fighting equipments would be as important for the people as a sip of water for the person who has been travelling for days in the desert without water. Fire incidents have been hazardous and if proper measures are not taken immediately it could lead to loss of many people and things. Fakhri Brothers is a well known name in the fire fighting sector; it has great Naffco products useful in many threatening situations.

If we take the loss in financial terms it would be counted in millions, a fire breakout of sometime leads to a loss of a lifetime, the whole structure comes down and all operations and functions would stop for days, years or forever. There would be huge number of personal injuries, deaths, damage to facilities etc... To escape this situation the fire fighting equipments are made and are installed in buildings, offices, and other commercial places to be used immediately before the situation is out of hand. Immediately the fire rescue team is called upon with fire fighting gadgets which aids is saving lives and property.

Carbon dioxide is a fire suppression agent; it is used in fire suppression systems and extinguishers. CO2 is electrically non conductive gas, the CO2 extinguisher and CO2 fire suppression system work quickly in such situations and sense the fire before it can damage the property, CO2 expands very quickly and so it spreads rapidly once released and works fast in blowing down the fire. It acts by forming a blanket and reducing the oxygen in fire to the level that combustion cannot take place and protects the place causing minimum clean up and down time charges which is much greater if other forms like water sprinkles, foams or chemical agents are used. Both the Fakhri brother's CO2 extinguishers and CO2 fire suppression systems are developed in the way that they have the ability to cool down the fire of any extent.

The CO2 extinguishers are used in various places including food storage and processing plants, airports, data processing centres, labs, spray booths, control rooms etc. Fakhri brother's CO2 fire extinguisher is compact and portable and has great working pressure which is enough to give maximum fire protection. The pipes are made from aluminium which ensures long lasting life to these CO2 fire extinguishers and it is attached with the safety valve to maximize safety. CO2 fire extinguishers can be mounted easily on any wall; they come with special hangers for wall mounting. Therefore along with the safety guarantee they can be conveniently placed and don't come in the way.

The Fakhri brother's CO2 fire suppression systems aids in minimizing the losses by utilizing efficient extinguishing agents and quick extinguishment. The CO2 fire suppression system is electrically non conductive and has the ability not to destroy any protected equipment, there is no post discharge residue and it is accepted by the environment too. An effective solution for fire rescue.
Fakhri brothers has great fire fighting equipments to get your now contact them or go to and view the range of Naffco products available.


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