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Perfect insulation for energy efficient homes

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Ahmed who owned a small factory in Swat noticed that the factory was not staying warm in winters in spite of huge heaters running efficiently in all four corners of the building and his electric bills were rising higher reaching to the peaks. There had to be some sought of leakage in the heating system. A few days later he noticed an icicle hanging from one corner of the roof of the factory which gave him the hint that heat was being lost from that part of the building.

Immediately team of Fakhri Brothers, who are the leading insulation provider were contacted to solve the issue. The team suggested the appropriate air sealing and insulation upgrade system for the factory and solved the issue. Ahmed's bills came down and his factory stayed warm in winters even when the temperatures dropped to -1°C and -2°C.

The use of pre-insulated aluminum ducts is common today and companies use it for insulation purposes. These have proved to be quiet effective then the galvanized sheet metal previously used. Fakhri Brothers has been using P3ductal is P3 system in placing these pre-insulated ducts for the distribution of air.

The P3ductal is P3 system for pre-insulated aluminium ducts is an answer to all the cost-effective, technological and practical questions and is used today in almost all huge industries; commercial, industrial and civil industries. P3 ductal is P3 system has many positive aspects like it provides an airtight seal so that there is no chance for the air to leave the premises, hygiene and air quality is improved as there is no problem of aging, the frictional losses are too low and many others.

Fakhri Brothers also deals with P3ductal is P3 system's P3 anti bacterial solutions. Nowadays there is much need of hygienic and clean air indoors; the P3 antibacterial solution is installed by Fakhri Brothers mainly in crowded places like hospitals, swimming pools or food industries where the risk of bacterial attack is much more causing greater harm and diseases.

Consider an emergency ward of a hospital where continuously operations are being carried out; one patient leaves and in some time other enters for the procedure. Doctor use all the sterile instruments and items in the operation, along with the hygienic accessories, environmental hygiene is extremely important otherwise one infection in the air can spread to the other patient or even doctors treating him. P3 anti bacterial solution is needed in places like these.

Same is the case with swimming pools where different people dive in, swim or relax and food industries where even a small amount of unhygienic conditions can spoil the whole broth. Get such places installed with pre insulated aluminium ducts with P3ductal is P3system by Fakhri Brothers.


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