Friday, 22 May 2015

Common Air-Conditioner misconceptions

Whether it's your home or your workplace, you are spending much of your time everyday there and so the place has to be comfortable and relaxing which could give you peace of mind. Indoor air quality is an important factor in determining the mood of an individual.

The quality of heating ventilation air conditioner installed in your home determines the indoor air quality. Fakhri Brothers are the authorized dealers of HVAC products in Karachi Pakistan and UAE. They deal in world's renowned brands in the HVAC and fire fighting industry including Fastech, Alco, duro Dyne, Abro, Honeywell, sinro, Durkee and Muller.

Fakhri Brothers are proud to deliver splendid products and after sales services to its customers, they meet all heating ventilation and air conditioning needs of huge commercial places as well as your residence. HVAC have become a necessity today, there are hardly any commercial places like hospitals, shopping malls, theatres etc which do not have air conditioners especially in Pakistan, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other cities of UAE.

Maintenance of HVAC is important for its efficient running, there are a number of misconceptions developed about the HVAC and unfortunately many people believe them. But the reality is quiet different and these false impressions just add up to the electric bills.

Larger unit cools more
Installing a large air conditioner would not cool the place more but bring along many other problems. HVAC should be installed according to the size of the place, inadequate cooling might not be due to the size but due to other reasons like improper sealing or direct sunlight or lacking maintenance of the unit.

Switch thermostat to cool always

Every air conditioner works at the same speed, adjusting the thermostat is just a temperature goal. By switching the thermostat way down to cooling home becomes excessively cool and much electricity is consumed until the dial is readjusted.

Air conditioner only reduce the temperature

No they do not only reduce the indoor temperatures but also filter the air and reduce the moisture in it. A less humid air is much cooler.

Running the air conditioner on same temperature is least expensive

Air conditioners utilize much more energy when there is a sudden change in surrounding temperatures; it consumes much less power while cooling an empty room.

Fan along with air conditioner makes the room much cooler

This is simply a misconception as fans cannot reduce the indoor temperature and the air conditioner will make the room chiller when fans are turned off.


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