Monday, 12 October 2015

Fire hazards at home

Nothing can beat the excitement and fun of outdoor grilling and barbeque at home in balcony or garden. Especially when the whole family is together having fun and enjoying the moment while smelling the aroma of delicious food which is tingling the taste buds. But what if some mishap occurs, what if something near the grill catches fire?

Many cases have been reported when a grill is placed near to some object while cooking and it catches fire. Extra care should be taken while we are having a barbeque party at home, else it can lead to serious mishaps. Few tips to follow are,

Try to keep the grill away from fences, under eaves and overhanging branches. As it can catch fire easily.

Keep your children away from the grill

Never leave the grill unattended

Never add any flammable liquid to the grill

After finishing, the coals should be completely cool before disposing them off.

Accidents can happen at any time, many hazards at home can cause fire; cooking in the kitchen, hot iron plugged in near the bed, lit candle accidently falls on something or other cases therefore our homes should be well equipped with fire fighting equipments. Everyone at home including children should be trained of using the equipments at the time of need. They should be taught of the escape routes and staying away from smoke and fumes.

The fire alarms and smoke detectors should be kept in working condition at all times, their maintenance and testing is necessary to ensure that they can function at the time of need. Mostly houses have fire extinguishers but everyone is not aware of its use. The simplest way is to remember "PASS".





First pull the safety pin at the top then aim the nozzle at the flame staying away around 6-8 feet, squeeze or press the handle and sweep from side to side at the base of the fire until it goes out. This is the simplest way to use at homes and control the smaller fire breakouts before a huge mishap occurs. It is always advisable to call help in case needed.

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