Monday, 11 January 2016

Increasing affectivity of HVAC while reducing the bills

Pakistan and UAE are both warm countries, where you experience extreme summers in most of the months around the year. Summer has a huge impact on people's lives and so modern interiors have added different style of floorings to houses here. Compared to thick carpets; wooden, tile and ceramic floorings help in keeping the place cooler. 

Why flooring is good for indoors

While running HVAC or any ACR in an indoor environment, the warm air blows out giving space to the cooler air within the room. Flooring makes this process quicker as it stays cooler and removes the warm air. Even when the heating ventilation and air conditioning system is turned off the flooring tends to stay cooler for a longer time.

Due to flooring HVAC is set on lower temperatures and consumes less amount of power reducing your electricity bills. You can save energy this summer by using this technique to not only save on your bills but giving your place a new revitalised look.

HVAC options

Once you have decided your flooring choose HVAC that suits best for your place. Fakhri Brothers are the authorized dealers in UAE and Pakistan of best global HVAC and ACR brands. Their units are made to provide comfort in an indoor place. One huge advantage of having a Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning is that it keeps away airborne pollutants from entering. Dust mites, bacteria, pet dander and similar contaminations would stay out.

With good flooring you can put your stylish rug pieces anywhere without being worried about the contaminations. This is also a plus point for people who suffer from dust allergy, HVAC is essential for them.

Healthy indoors

Now you have flooring done and got your HVAC, next thing is the proper installation of HVAC and its regular maintenance. Regular maintenance would ensure that it works effectively. If the filters will be choked the airborne contamination would enter inside, keep your filters clean to get healthy indoor air. Once the units are working effectively, they would successfully provide clean air, comfortable indoor environment and dehumidifying to prevent spread of moulds.


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