Monday, 10 April 2017

Heavy Duty Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes at Fakhri Brothers

The world without steel is impossible to imagine, from a woman’s kitchen to a huge industry, steel is a compulsory element everywhere. Different types of steel; mild, carbon or stainless steel are required for numerous applications at ample of places. Even carbon steel is considered as one of the most economical alloying materials in industrial productions, used widely in various sectors including chemicals, mining, automobiles, construction etc.

Lontrin Steel Pipe Co. is one of the well-known manufacturers of carbon steel seamless pipes. They are the leaders in the global industry and focus on quality and strength. Their steel pipes are specially manufactured with great strength appropriate for the use in power stations, oil gas transmissions, chemical industries and other places which are constantly dealing with extreme temperature levels. 

Fakhri Brothers are the authorized dealers of Lontrin in Pakistan. The company believes in continuous improvement to assure quality. The carbon steel seamless pipes at Fakhri Brothers have all passed the inspection test and have proved to be completely secure and reliable. These pipes contain varying amounts of carbon within it which define their strength as per the requirements of the industry.

Benefits of carbon steel pipes

Different sizes and shapes of carbon steel pipes by Lontrin are available at Fakhri Brothers which can fix in different settings to connect to pipes with differing dimensions. These pipes have a number of advantages.

Carbon steel pipes are durable and are customized; can work in aggressive working environments and in extremely high and low temperatures and have a long life, lowering the cost of production processes. Carbon steel pipes can be customized and molded to any size, dimension and strength depending on customer requirements. They are produced keeping in mind varying needs of the industry. Fakhri Brothers have a huge range available.

Lontrin steel pipes are quality tested and available at good prices. Contact Fakhri Brothers or visit, to know more about it. Trust Fakhri Brothers for the best plumbing products in the market and on time deliveries.


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